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Mid-City Sales is a full service, in-house screen printer and embroiderer. We also specialize in promotional items and enjoy assisting customers with all their apparel and product needs. Below are some frequently asked questions about our business.

Do you have minimums for screen printing and embroidering items?

There is a minimum of 12 pieces for screen printing and 6 pieces for custom logoed embroidered pieces. Requests for less than minimum amounts need to be discussed with Mid-City Sales staff.

Can you put names or numbers on my apparel or accessories?

Yes, we can personalize almost any item. Embroidered names are $10, and numbers are $5. Heat pressed vinyl names or numbers are $6.

How long does it take to get my order once I place it?

With online web store orders, it takes approximately 3 weeks from the date the web store closes.
With orders placed in the retail store, most items are ready within 2 weeks or less. Items needing heat pressed vinyl (example: names on sweatshirts or numbers on jerseys) only take a couple days.

Can I return an item I purchase in the retail store?

Most items in the retail store are returnable or exchangeable. We appreciate a return or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

How much does it cost to have t-shirts screen printed?

Pricing is based on quantities of items and the number of colors and locations for the screen printing.

I have never had my company logo embroidered before. Can you help me get that done?

Yes! There is a one- time fee of $40 to have your logo converted to a file compatible for embroidery. This digitized file is kept in our records for future orders. The cost of embroidery is then built into the garment price.

Can I return an item I order on a web store?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on any web store items as we only produce exactly what is ordered on the web site.

I am interested in having an on line web store created for my group/team. How long does it take to get a site up on line and do you have samples of the items for my group to come in and try on?

It takes approximately one week from the time we meet with you until your site is up and live for your group/team to see on line. And yes, we have samples of most of the popular items that are used on web stores. We do not have every size in each style but our staff is happy to assist you with any sizing questions.

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